I uploaded a couple of old video projects to my YouTube channel.

Fellow Allium Press author Diane Piron-Gelman (alias D.M. Pirrone) has a new novel out, Shall We Not Revenge. Get all the juicy details here- http://www.dmpirrone.net/works.htm

Great readings last night from Peggy Shinner and Diane Piron-Gelman at Sunday Salon Chicago.

I’m told that there will be free beer and wine at tonight’s reading at City Lit Books (2523 N. Kedzie Tuesday, July 22 at 6:30 pm). If you’re going to listen to us writers read our scribblings a little C2H5OH is definitely recommended. http://www.cclapcenter.com/

I’m finally getting around to processing some of the photos I’ve taken over the last ten years. Here’s a fairly recent shot.

The Start of a Photo Project

Friend and author Molia Dumbleton has a website! moliadumbleton.com