Merry Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and Boxing Day (whew)!

The new year is a time when people take stock of their routines. They make (and break) resolutions, many of them having to do with diet and exercise. Come to tai chi class. Flowing Dragon Tai Chi. If tai chi class isn’t an option for you, find another way to stretch and strengthen your muscles and joints. Swimming is a good low impact exercise, and (if you have the right partner) so is dancing. Go outside. Walk. Hug a tree. Hug a person. Whatever you do, I wish you health and happiness in 2016.

The Chap On The Flying Trapeze

Walking along the lakefront on a nice fall day, I saw the TSNY Chicago school at Belmont Harbor and couldn’t resist. Thanks to excellent instruction from Birgit, Annie and Jason, I managed to eke out a back flip and a catch and release (yeah, like a fish) at the first class. High-flyin’ fun!

Daily Painting

I ran across an inspirational book at the National Gallery this summer, “Daily Painting” by Carol Marine. She finishes one small painting a day. It’s a great way to train your eye and develop technique (just like in tai chi). Here’s my first daily painting, and it only took me five days!