ShelfUnboundShelf Unbound magazine selected Bright and Yellow, Hard and Cold as one of five finalists in its annual Indie Best Writing Competition. Refering to the novel as a “riveting page turner,” the magazine goes on to summarize the book and also prints an interview with your’s truly. In her introduction, publisher Margaret Brown mentions that the winner and finalists were selected from a field of over 1,000 entries.

John Temmerman is an amazing and versatile sax man. His jazz solos will blow you away. And he gives lessons! Visit him at

Check out these thought-provoking lyrics, cool tunes, and samples of her visual art at

My friend, Irene Westcott, writes the kind of fiction that sticks with you. You’ll find yourself thinking about her characters long after you’ve finished one of her stories. Links to some of her published pieces are on her website at

Tree-01This is one of my paintings. Okay, I know it’s not as interesting as Katherine’s or Bradley’s work (lousy show offs), but I love to paint. I’ll keep posting my new canvases here from time to time, so let me know if you see any improvement.

Another of my super-talented pals is Bradley Materewicz. He is both a painter and a sculptor. I love his Giacometti-esque paintings. You will, too.

My high school prom date, Katherine Ace, is a professional artist. I’ve followed her career over the years and her work just gets better and better. She is a staple of some of the best galleries in San Francisco and Portland. You can view her work at