Monthly Archives: April 2016

Meet Nero Wolfe Writer, Robert Goldsborough

Here’s a subtle reminder—this Saturday at 1:00 I’ll be signing copies of my novel and short story collection at the Village Crossing Barnes & Noble.
“Big deal,” you say. “If I went to the Orlando Barnes & Noble I could meet Toni Tennille. Besides, I still can’t figure out how to use this damn NOOK.”
Maybe so, but it’s a long drive to Orlando, and if you come to Village Crossing you can meet Nero Wolfe Writer, Robert Goldsborough, check out his latest mystery, and get NOOKified, all at the same time.
Plus, it’s B&N’s Educator Appreciation Day, so all you K-12 teachers can swing by for a little much-needed appreciation.
And, to sweeten the deal, the first ten people to say hello will receive, absolutely free, no purchase necessary, a colorful character bandaid to proudly wear on the skin area of your choice. Impress your friends!