“Kiddieland and other misfortunes” Update

For those of you interested in what goes into the “sausage” of the self-published book. You may recall that I self-published “Kiddieland and other misfortunes” with Ingram Spark. Setup fee for both print and ebooks was $49. I had one revision which cost $25. I paid $60 each for listings in their print and ebook newsletters which go out to stores and libraries. I priced the print book at $11.99 and the ebook at $4.99. The listings populated to Amazon and B&N websites in a little less than a week after I finished the revision. I ordered a box of print books for xmas gifts, but since I had to pay for expedited shipping to get them on time the per book cost doesn’t reflect what I would normally pay. Also, Spark was having a special, so since I ordered more than 50 books I received a refund of my $49 setup fee.
Next- I take on the frightening and confusing task of marketing the damn thing.
Happy New Year, y’all!