Proof Of Concept

After converting both the interior and cover files to PDF format, according to Spark’s instructions, I uploaded the files. Spark sent e-proofs by email. The first thing I noticed was, because I had done my own line edits, I missed a HUGE error. In the transition from Microsoft Word to Adobe inDesign all my italic formats were lost. Doh! I had to reformat the book and upload a revised PDF of the interior. Every time you upload a revision it costs $25. The new proofs looked fine, so I ordered 50 ARCs to send out to reviewers. With shipping and handling the 50 copies cost $254.56. Spark lets you choose a release date, and I chose October 31 (Halloween), a decent length of time when I first selected it, but now Halloween seems right around the corner! Next up: compiling a list of reviewers and begging for reviews.