The Blue Silence

In “The Blue Silence,” forensic scientist Sean McKinney faces one of his toughest challenges yet when he’s called upon to help find his daughter’s missing college roommate. Struggling to adjust to being an empty nester, McKinney travels to New Orleans to investigate, but when his own daughter is kidnapped, he’ll stop at nothing to bring her home safely.

The novel seamlessly transitions from modern-day Chicago to the Reconstruction Era in Louisiana, offering a glimpse into the state’s haunting past and the dark secrets that still lurk in its murky waters. In this gripping crime story, McKinney must venture into the treacherous Louisiana swamps to face a deranged killer in a heart-pounding finale that takes readers on a ride through the dangerous bayou, where the most deadly predators aren’t always the gators.

NetGalley Reviewers on The Blue Silence

“Loved the setting in New Orleans and the backstory about the
manuscript that travels back to another time. A good story, full of
selfish, ruthless people and one great dad.“
—Stephanie C, Educator

“I love books that take me from where I am and rocket me into the
story within the first two pages. Tim Chapman does that with The
Blue Silence. Having got my attention, I devoured the book and
particularly enjoyed the quality of his storytelling and the two stories
running in parallel.”
—Kevin B, Reviewer

“I like the way the two tales, three generations apart, are twined
together to form a more interesting whole. The bad guy is wholly
bad, but the other protagonists are well rounded and sympathetic.
We push the envelope of credibility a time or two but it keeps the
adrenaline pumping.”
—Bonnye F, Reviewer

“A good read with a captivating storyline. A book it is difficult to put
down. Keeps you enthralled from start to finish.”
—Felicity K, Reviewer

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