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Hawking My Wares (yet again)

I’ll be at the Printers Row Lit Fest in Chicago this weekend signing books. This year I’m at the Society of Midland Authors booth on Saturday from noon to 2:00. Nothing new; just my first novel and my short story collection, but I’ve got a bunch of copies sitting around here to get rid of. I’m gonna “stack ‘em deep and sell ‘em cheap!” All you folks who’ve supported me by reading my work, thank you! I’m working on two new novels and a short story, but they won’t be finished by Saturday.  ;^)  If you haven’t read my stuff yet, please stop by the booth and pick up a book.

FYI, Kiddieland and other misfortunes is available as an audio book from iTunes, Amazon, Audible, etc. as well as in paperback and eBook.

Good Stuff for your Earholes! (and a special offer)

This thing is now available as an audio book! Listen to short stories while you drive, eat lunch, etc. The possibilities are endless. Well, maybe not endless, but there are several places where listening to Kiddieland and other misfortunes would be a pleasurable experience, AND in a blatant ploy to get new users, Amazon is giving Kiddieland away FREE (hah!) when you sign up for Audible, their earhole massage service.  Here’s a link.